K9LXV (Russ & Judy Beard) Items for Sale

Model Description Cost Sold
PK232MBX Advanced Electronics Application Pakratt $15
Astron 10a Power Supply 7.5 amp continuous $35
Astron 7a Power Supply 5 amp continuous $30
Astron rs-20m Power Supply 16 amp continuous $50
Azden PCS-2800 10m Radio $60
Azden PCS-3000 2m radio $50
Curtis EK-430 CMOS Keyer $40
D-104 Microphone
Drake DL300 Dummy Load $35
Drake DM2350 Multimeter New in box. Still wrapped in plastic. $100
Drake Collection *The following 5 items will be sold together. * $800
   Drake FS-4 Gorgeous condition

   Drake MN-7 Gorgeous condition

   Drake MS-4 Gorgeous condition

   Drake R-4c Gorgeous condition

   Drake T-4xc Gorgeous condition

Drake TR-22cv
GC Electronics SWR Meter
Heathkit Code Practice OSC
Heil eq-200 Microphone equalizer $20
Icom ic751 Radio Works receives signal on both AC and DC $400
Infotech M-200f & M-300c Morse code/rtty decoder $100
Kantronics Mini-reader RTTY Morse Decoder $20
Kenwood TR-7400a 2m $75
MFJ-722 Optimizer $20
Midland 13-509 220 Rig (no PL tone support) $50
Monarch FSI-2 Field Strength Meter $5
RF Engineering RFE100 Frequency Display $10
Santec HT ST144 2 Meter ht (No PL tones) $50
Shure 526t microphone
Tempo S2 HT 220 ht (No PL tones) $50
Trionyx TR-1000 Frequncy Counter $15
Uniden SMS825TS Uniden Comercial Radios $4
Vibroplex Double Lever #58946  $50
Vibroplex Presentation #231229 $150
Yaesu FL-110 100 watt amplifier $150
Hand Key
Data Switch Boxes

Pictures of items are here.

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